Iraq: Will This Be the Last Time We Fight ISIS?

Nussaibah Younis, Senior Advisor, European Institute of Peace; Founder, Iraq Leadership Fellows Program, American University of Iraq. Moderated by John DeBlasio.

Since regaining large swathes of territory from ISIS in 2018, Iraq’s efforts to reconstruct and regain control over its country have not gone unnoticed. While threats of an ISIS resurgence remain, expected GDP growth of 4.1% thanks to rising oil prices—and a new form of non-sectarian leadership—indicate a long-awaited change in the country. Yet, new concerns over the impact that US sanctions on Iran will have on Iraq’s economy, and shifting power dynamics in the region, are already proving to be top priorities for Baghdad. What position will Iraq take amidst the changing geopolitics of the Middle East, namely competing interests from Iran and the US? And how will the new government address domestic and neighboring radicalism?   

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