Invitational Dinner with Wang Jisi

Wang Jisi, Dean, School of International Studies, Peking University

In recent years, China’s power and influence relative to those of other great states has outpaced the expectations of even its own leaders. As a consequence, the international community has focused even more intently on assessing the motives and intentions of China’s behavior, as evidenced in the close scrutiny of China’s expansive 2010 statement of its core interests, its naval activities in the South China Sea, and its territorial disputes with Japan. Yet, whether China has a grand strategy to support its new found power and influence is open to debate, complicating the need of other nations to understand China’s strategic thinking and forecast how it might evolve. At this third annual Dr. Scholl Foundation Lecture on U.S.-China Relations, Wang Jisi, China’s preeminent scholar of international relations, will offer his thoughts on the intricacies behind the creation of a grand strategy for China and his insights on the way forward.

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This initiative, made possible by the Dr. Scholl Foundation, seeks to bring to Chicago one high-level, well respected American or Chinese policymaker, government official or thought leader to deliver a major public lecture on key policy issues facing U.S.-China relations.