Invitational Dinner with Hussam A. Hadi

Hussam A. Hadi, Regional Director, Spacetoon Kids TV

Nearly one half of the Iraqi population is under the age of nineteen. Having lived with insecurity and uncertainty for much of their adult lives with little opportunity for travel outside of their home town, these youth often associate more with their local communities than with a national Iraqi identity. In order for Iraq to build a lasting peace, the future leaders of the country should be able to traverse regional, cultural, and religious boundaries to strengthen dialogue and understanding. Join The Chicago Council on Global Affairs to hear Hussam A. Hadi, the fifth annual Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellow, share his experiences with using a media platform to foster dialogue for peace among Iraqi youth.

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The Chicago Council’s Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship is funded by the Koldyke family to recognize a leading social entrepreneur who is working in the economic, educational, health, government, development, media, or cultural realm. This year, the selection committee focused on primary and secondary education and the media in Iraq.