India's Economy: New Threats and Prospects for Reform

T.N. Ninan, Chairman and Chief Editor, Business Standard

The Indian economy has continued to grow rapidly despite the challenges of the global slowdown. Although foreign direct investment in the country has been fluctuating, Prime Minister Singh has recently announced that the Indian economy will achieve near eight percent growth this year. This growth has been achieved despite the challenges of inadequate infrastructure, regulatory hurdles, and halting reforms. While these challenges remain, additional threats have now emerged, in particular high double digit inflation, the proliferating corruption scandals, and declining investor and popular confidence. All of this has led to a policy impasse that has weakened the Indian government’s ability to execute much-needed reforms. Join The Chicago Council for a discussion with T.N. Ninan, chairman and chief editor of Business Standard, as he discusses the future of the Indian economy and provide insights on the prospects for a new phase for economic reforms and the climate for foreign direct investment for U.S. businesses.

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