The Impact of Resource Scarcity on National Security

Rachel Kleinfeld, ounder and President, Truman National Security Project; Drew Sloan, Client Solutions Executive, Opower. Introduced by Niamh King.

Resource scarcity has become a front-and-center issue for national security and defense thinkers. These challenges, from water deficiency to the lack of reliable electricity, were once primarily managed by development professionals, humanitarian organizations, and charitable groups. Today, Rachel Kleinfeld and Drew Sloan argue that it is at the intersection of development and security where future national security directives could more effectively address the challenges of stabilizing failed states. How can governments, social entrepreneurs, and the private sector work together to confront these new and mounting security challenges?

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Their book, Let There Be Light: Electrifying the Developing World with Markets and Distributed Energy and Dr. Kleinfeld’s Advancing the Rule of Law Abroad: Next Generation Reform, will be available for purchase and signing following the program.