Immigration Implications: Local, State, and Federal

Moises (Mo) Denis, State Senator (D) , Nevada; René García, State Senator (R), Florida; Dave Heaton, State Representative (R), Iowa; Toi Hutchinson, State Senator (D), Illinois; Sharon Tomiko Santos, State Representative (D), Washington. Moderated by Juliana Kerr; Brian Hanson.

Immigration Implications: Local, State, and Federal

Immigration policies are set by the federal government, but their effects are felt most acutely in local communities. State legislators are filling the gaps left by federal inaction on immigration reform, and creating innovative local policies to support foreign-born workers and foster immigrant integration in their districts. Yet more work is needed across all levels of government to maximize immigrants’ contributions and support native-born populations. Join the Council and the National Conference of State Legislatures in a discussion on how state lawmakers are developing policies to put immigrants’ skills and talents to work for all residents.

Sharon Tomiko Santos is no longer able to attend this program. 

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