Immigration and US Economic Competitiveness: A View from the Midwest (Washington, DC Release)

Tamar Jacoby, Project Director; Governor Chet Culver, Task Force Cochair ; Richard M. Daley, Task Force Cochair; Joe Loughrey, Task Force Cochair; Doris Meissner, Task Force Cochair; And other participants

The economic future of the Midwest rests in part on US immigration policy. The twin realities of a struggling industrial base and population decline demand a rethinking of how the country and region attracts and retains human capital. Join cochairs and members of The Chicago Council's independent task force on US Economic Competitiveness at Risk: A Midwest Call to Action on Immigration Reform, as they release their report, 12 months in the making. This report release event will introduce attendees to immigration initiatives being undertaken throughout the Midwest to promote the region’s economic competitiveness. Visit for more information.

Generous funding for this project is being provided by the Exelon Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust, Lumina Foundation, and Chicago Council Board Member Clare Muñana.

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