How Should the Next American President Deal with China?

Jeffrey A. Bader, Former Senior Director for Asia, National Security Council, Barack Obama Administration; Dennis Wilder, Former Senior Director for Asia, National Security Council, George W. Bush Administration. Moderated by Evan A. Feigenbaum.

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Eight presidents, both Republican and Democratic, have aimed to integrate China into the international system and pursue constructive US-China relations. But that longstanding consensus is under growing pressure, as security competition in Asia intensifies and China’s global footprint continues to grow. China has featured prominently in the US presidential campaign, with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump promising a toughened line, and Trump, in particular, proposing punitive trade actions against Beijing. Amid challenges from North Korea and in the South China Sea, to trade frictions, how should the next President deal with China? The two leading Asia advisors to Presidents Obama and Bush offer their unique perspectives.

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