Of Growth and the Euro: Is the Euroboom Finally Here?

Jean-Claude Trichet, Chairman, Bruegel and former President, European Central Bank

Of Growth and the Euro: Is the Euroboom Finally Here?

It was only recently that some economists were calling for the death of the euro. Yet economic data released in July indicates stronger-than-expected growth across the bloc this year, with Spain expanding at rates not seen since before the financial crisis and the Eurozone as a whole enjoying its lowest unemployment in nine years. It appears that Europe may have finally cemented a robust and broad-based economic recovery. With political sentiment also positive after the rejection of Eurosceptic parties at the polls—and despite Brexit—is the European Union ready to address more fundamental questions about the structure of the single currency area? Can member countries agree on proposed reforms such as an EU finance minister and a Eurozone budget? What must be done to secure the future of the Euro in the long term?


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