The Green New City: What's the Deal?

Mark Chambers, Director, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability for New York City; Lauren Faber O’Connor, Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Los Angeles. Moderated by Karen Weigert.

Climate change dominated the global conversation in 2019, from coordinated walkouts of school-age youth to wildfires on multiple continents, leaving many to wonder how to take effective action. Led by Los Angeles, global cities including Copenhagen, Paris, Tokyo, and others announced support for a Global Green New Deal to tackle climate change while creating a new equitable green economy. In the United States, cities including New York and Los Angeles have enacted their own green new deals with actionable steps on transportation, emissions, and equity. Can these city plans overcome challenges of scalability and federal limitations to propel the climate agenda forward? How do cities envision leading the Global Green New Deal?  Sustainability directors from New York City and Los Angeles sit down with Chicago’s first sustainability officer, Karen Weigert, to discuss their vision for the Green New Deal.


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