The Global Food Price Paradox with Former USAID Administrator

The Global Food Price Paradox with Former USAID Administrator by The Chicago Council

August 2015 saw global food prices hit a seven year low, but this followed several years when prices had spiked to record levels. Today’s global food system, many analysts now believe, is coming to be characterized by such volatility. The forces driving these fluctuations, which include a growing world population, richer diets, climate change, falling energy prices, and technological advancements, are diverse and often contradictory. And for food producers, retailers, and those who invest in the agricultural sector, calculating supply and demand requires an increasingly complex equation. Is price volatility the “new normal” for the global food system, or do recent falls represent a temporary blip in an otherwise long-term trend towards higher prices? Can technology, trade liberalization, and private sector innovation, enable a more resilient food system?

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