The Global Classroom: Creating Universal Citizens

Cary Bolnick, World Studies Teacher, Farragut Career Academy ; Cindy Lo, High School Senior, Naperville Central High School; Heather Singmaster, Director, Center for Global Education, Asia Society. Moderated by Abigayil Joseph.

The Global Classroom: Creating Universal Citizens

Equity and access to high-quality educational opportunities are critical for every student, across all schools and neighborhoods. One way to achieve equity and quality in classrooms is by providing students with access to global programs. While some schools are excelling in curricula such as the International Baccalaureate Programme and Critical Language Academies, often times these are not available in low-resource schools. Addressing socio-economic factors, insufficient funding, and a high teacher turnover rate will be crucial in eliminating disparities within education. How can education policies be better aligned with other government actions around housing, welfare, and student accessibility? How can we best prepare students to be globally competent in the age of increased connectivity and globalization?

The Koldyke Global Teachers Program was generously established by Patricia Blunt and Martin J. Koldyke in 2016 and invests in the professional development of Chicago-area high school teachers. Join educators, students, and implementers as they share stories and best practices for guiding future global citizens in Chicago and beyond.

In loving memory of Patricia B. Koldyke | June 26, 1936 - March 27, 2019

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