Georgia: Domestic and International Dynamics

His Excellency Giorgi Baramidze, Vice Prime Minister and State Minister of Georgia for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration

Nestled in the Caucasus, Georgia has had a tumultuous history. In the twenty years since the break-up of the Soviet Union the country has experienced civil unrest, territorial separatism, revolution, and a war with Russia. These events, combined with the ongoing dual process of transitioning to a market economy and a democratic system, have placed significant social, political, economic, and security strains on the country. Nevertheless, Georgia has made advancements in many domestic areas, and has also made important contributions to the international stabilization efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. What is the current situation in Georgia? What are the latest developments in Georgia’s contested regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia? What are the country’s main foreign policy objectives? Join His Excellency Giorgi Baramidze for a discussion on Georgia’s democratization, its security situation, Euro-Atlantic integration, and the country’s strategic partnership with the United States.

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