The Foreign Policy of Cities

Ivo H. Daalder, President, Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Michele Acuto, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Cities; Beyza Unal, Research Fellow, Nuclear Weapons Policy, International Security Department, Chatham House

Global cities are the hubs of the world and increasingly influential players on the world stage. Their banks and markets finance the global economy and their corporations shape it. Their universities examine the past, imagine the future, and train the next generation. The urban impact of the challenges facing the world—security threats, climate change, inequality—means city leaders are at the center of the search for solutions. Yet despite their growing global influence, most city leaders do not have a foreign policy to engage the world and unify leadership around common goals. Should global cities have their own foreign policy, and if so what would it look like? Tune in via livestream to join the conversation hosted at Chatham House with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


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