Europe Without Illusions: Reflections from the Czech President

His Excellency Václav Klaus, President, Czech Republic

Václav Klaus at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Europe is still in disarray, and states across the continent are reacting in different ways. Last year, the U.K. and the Czech Republic were the only EU members that rejected a new fiscal discipline treaty designed to prevent another eurozone crisis. Yet the Czech Republic–although not a eurozone member–has also agreed to contribute to a eurozone rescue fund at the IMF, and is an active participant in NATO’s Afghanistan mission. President Klaus argues that European integration has gone too far, stifling economic growth, democracy, and national sovereignty. He envisions a profound restructuring of the EU social, economic, and political system. What are the Czech Republic’s dynamics within the EU? What are the country’s economic, political, and security priorities going forward? Join The Chicago Council for a candid conversation with the president of the Czech Republic on the situation in Europe and the NATO and G8 Summits.

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