Election Interference, Infrastructure and (Mis)Information

Noah Praetz, Election Cybersecurity Consultant; Former Director of Elections, Cook County, Illinois. Moderated by Lawrence Norden .

Allegations that malicious actors had successfully breached US election infrastructure began to surface following the 2016 election. As Russian interference in the 2016 election starkly exposed, voting systems and public opinion in the modern age are highly vulnerable to infiltration and manipulation. From substantial misinformation campaigns and the spread of false narratives to vulnerabilities in voting infrastructure, election interference is yet again emerging as a defining feature of the 2020 elections – threatening fundamental political freedoms. Going into 2020, how vulnerable is existing US election infrastructure to hackers and other malevolent cyber operations? Who is trying to influence elections in the United States, and beyond, and what are its driving forces? In partnership with Aspen Socrates, the Council hosts an expert panel to consider the origin and scale of threats to the 2020 election and America’s preparedness in an increasingly critical year.

The panel discussion will be followed by a networking reception.


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