Election 2016 and the Politics of Trade

Grant D. Aldonas, Managing Director, Split Rock International; William M. Daley, Former United States Secretary of Commerce; Thea M. Lee, Deputy Chief of Staff, AFL-CIO. Moderated by Phil Levy.

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Election 2016 has been a rough ride for proponents of trade. Throughout a divisive primary season, and a contentious general election campaign, support for trade has fallen victim to a rising backlash against globalization. Despite the recent efforts of President Obama and a Republican-led Congress to conclude the landmark Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), both party nominees have pledged to renegotiate the deal. What might be the economic and diplomatic repercussions of TPP’s failure? Can America regain a bipartisan consensus on trade?

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Diminishing Prospects for Trans-Pacific Partnership Cloud Obama Goals
Carol Lee, The Wall Street Journal, 8/23/2016

Trump and Clinton’s Free Trade Retreat: A Pivotal Moment For the World’s Economic Future
Dan Roberts and Ryan Felton, The Guardian, 8/20/2016

The Problematic Proposal
The Economist, 8/11/2016

Now That Trump Has Picked Pence, How Will the GOP Handle Trade?
Phil Levy, Foreign Policy, 7/18/2016


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