Ecuador and Latin America: New Heights

Her Excellency Nathalie Cely Suárez, Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to the United States. Introduced by Carlos A. Cabrera.

Ecuador was catapulted onto the global stage this summer following the decision to grant asylum at the country’s embassy in London to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. While this situation captured the world’s attention, Ecuador has been quietly enjoying a period of political, economic, and social development. Rafael Correa is the longest-serving president since 1979, the country’s per capita income more than tripled in the last decade, and the poverty rate has been significantly reduced. Ecuador’s GDP grew by over 7% in 2011 and the economic forecast is positive. Such advances make Ecuador an attractive foreign investment destination, and illustrate the dynamism of Latin America. Join The Chicago Council and Ambassador Nathalie Cely Suárez for a discussion on the U.S.-Ecuador relationship and the growing investment opportunities in Latin America.

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This program is preceded by a complimentary wine and cheese reception. The reception is generously supported by PRO ECUADOR.