The Economic Outlook and Policy Challenges for the United States and Europe

The Honorable Robert Rubin, Cochairman, Council on Foreign Relations and former Secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury

Robert Rubin at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

In recent years, gridlock and ideology have stalled and complicated the American political system. Simultaneously the European Union, with the world’s largest combined economy, has failed to provide effective leadership at a moment critical to its survival. In this environment, informed policy decisions based on sound economic intelligence are crucial. Will Europe continue to move deeper into crisis and recession and will America’s recovery remain slow? What are the specific policy challenges that need to be addressed immediately? And can the political leadership in America overcome the divisive politics it faces in order to address long term global economic issues and realize its long-term potential to succeed? Please join The Chicago Council on Global Affairs with former secretary of the Treasury, Robert Rubin, as he explores these issues in greater depth.

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