Eagle and Dragon: The Future of US-China Trade and Economic Relations

Ambassador Susan C. Schwab, Former US Trade Representative; Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland; Strategic Advisor, Mayer Brown, LLP

America is the largest economy in the world and China the biggest trading nation. Deeply interconnected economically, China relies on its US exports to sustain domestic growth, while America depends on China to finance its deficits. Yet most of the time only their differences have been discussed. As President Obama began his second term, China completed a once-in-a-decade leadership change, presenting an opportunity for renewed engagement on trade and economic matters. Both countries prioritized these issues when Chinese President Xi Jinping met US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew in March. At the same time, they continue to pursue trade agreements that exclude each other. What does the future hold for US-China trade and economic relations? Join The Chicago Council and Ambassador Susan C. Schwab for a discussion on the opportunities and challenges in the bilateral relationship.

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