Directors' Circle: Hong Kong and the US-China Relationship

Tung Chee Hwa, Former Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Introduced by Mark Kirk.

The relationship between China and the United States has been evolving significantly in recent months. Trade and economic relations remain tense with the imposition of several rounds of tariffs on goods from both countries. Rhetoric from both governments reflects more political and military competition in numerous areas. Since June, protests have continued in Hong Kong creating uncertainty of how both China and the US will respond to the political situation in the region. Yet despite these challenges, as both countries commemorate the 40th anniversary of their establishment of diplomatic relations, the US and China still maintain robust cultural, economic, and political ties that may offer hope for the path of the relationship’s evolution. Join C.H. Tung, the first chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, for a dialogue about the future of Hong Kong and the state of US-China relations.

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