Deep Dish Live: Thomas Piketty on Ideology and Inequality

Thomas Piketty, Professor, Paris School of Economics. Moderated by Brian Hanson.

Deep Dish Live: Thomas Piketty on Ideology and Inequality

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed both the frailties and inequalities of societies. The sharpest economic downturn in almost a century is not only pushing millions into unemployment, hunger, and poverty, but also testing the legitimacy of the ideologies that guide political and economic life around the world. Could the political and economic crises of 2020 be catalysts for far-reaching changes to how our societies are organized? 

Join us for a live episode of our global affairs podcast, Deep Dish, as host and vice president of studies Brian Hanson and best-selling author and World Inequality Lab codirector Thomas Piketty discuss how societies throughout history have used ideology to justify inequality and why new thinking can build a more equitable future. Then, stay tuned after the episode to ask your questions at CCGA.LIVE on this pressing issue.

Copies of Thomas Piketty’s latest book, Capital and Ideology, are available to purchase through our local book partner, The Book Cellar.

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