Cybercrime and the Digital Dystopia

Marc Goodman, Founder, Future Crimes Institute; Global Security Advisor and Chair for Policy, Law, and Ethics, Singularity University

Cybercrime and the Digital Dystopia by The Chicago Council

Technological advances in the field of computing have provided countless benefits to society, but today’s interconnected world has an ominous flip-side. From ubiquitous mobile devices that track our activities and location, to internet-connected vehicles, homes, and medical implants, criminals now have unprecedented opportunities to steal, control, and blackmail. Just recently, the leaking of celebrities’ personal photographs and the hacking of Sony Pictures demonstrated how vulnerable our digital networks are to criminals, terrorists, and even foreign governments. Are we entering an era of cyber lawlessness? As the power and scope of the internet continues to grow at a mind-boggling pace, and our society becomes ever more reliant on digital networks, how will we protect ourselves from future crimes?

Marc Goodman’s new book, Future Crimes, will be available for purchase and signing from The Book Stall after the program.

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