Current Issues in U.S.-China Trade

John Frisbie, President, The US-China Business Council. Moderated by Keith Williams.

Few issues loom as large on America's economic and foreign policy agendas as our relationship with China, the world’s second largest economy. China is the third largest export market for the United States, and is growing faster than many other major destinations for American goods and services. U.S. companies are establishing roots in China as never before, to sell to the Chinese market, which results in creating jobs at their U.S. operations and bringing high-quality global standards and business practices to China. Although it has resulted in economic benefits, the trade relationship is not without its challenges. Companies continue to encounter and are concerned with major issues such as market access, standards, intellectual property protection, energy, consumer safety, and trade and financial policies. Join us for a discussion with John Frisbie on the latest developments in the U.S.-China commercial relationship.

Regions: Asia.  

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