The Cubs' Catharsis

Scott Simon, Author, Presenter, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR. In conversation with Phil Levy.

The Cubs' Catharsis with Scott Simon

The Chicago Cubs broke the curse of the Billy Goat when they lifted the Commissioner’s Trophy on November 2, 2016. In a wider sense their dramatic, never-say-die World Series victory also helped to lift a mood of sporting cynicism. In an era when our athletic heroes and teams seem to be mired in scandal as often as they are covered in glory, the Chicago Cubs’ success at the 108th attempt resonated with jaded sports fans across the world. What qualities enabled the young Cubs team of 2016 to triumph where their predecessors had so consistently faltered? Could this epic home town victory inspire change beyond the world of sport, and across Chicago’s communities?

Scott Simon’s new book, My Cubs: A Love Story will be available for purchase and signing via The Book Cellar after the program.

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