A Critical Juncture: Public Opinion and US-Mexico Relations

Craig Kafura, Assistant Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy; Esteban Guzmán Saucedo, Project Director, Buendía & Laredo; Christopher Wilson, Deputy Director, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center. Moderated by Duncan Wood.

A Critical Juncture: Public Opinion and U.S.-Mexico Relations

The Wilson Center and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs are pleased to invite you to an event on public opinion on US-Mexico relations. Over the last two to three decades, public opinion in the bilateral relationship has risen and fallen, and US-Mexico relations have hit a rough patch since the election of Donald Trump. Today, Mexican public opinion of the United States has fallen to a historic low; however, US opinion of Mexico is quite strong and on the rise.

Join us as we discuss two reports on US-Mexico public opinion. The first, A Critical Juncture: Public Opinion in US-Mexico Relations, reviews US and Mexican perceptions of their neighboring country, first looking at broad attitudes and then delving into important topics in the bilateral relationship. The second, a report by the Council, the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute, and Buendía & Laredo, For the First Time, A Majority of Mexicans Hold Unfavorable Views of United States, examines the phenomenon of declining Mexican public opinion of the United States, while American views of Mexico have become more favorable since all-time lows recorded in 2013. With NAFTA negotiations in the background, both Mexicans and Americans have come to believe that NAFTA has been beneficial to their countries.

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