Council Screening of 'The Prosecutors': Ending Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Leslie Thomas, Director and Producer, The Prosecutors; Founder, ART WORKS Projects; Kim Thuy Seelinger, Director, Sexual Violence Program, Human Rights Center, Berkeley School of Law; Patricia Viseur Sellers, Special Advisor for Gender, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court. Moderated by Steve Bynum.

Ending Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

For centuries sexual violence in conflict zones has terrorized an untold number of communities. And often it has been considered collateral damage instead of a war crime. Through the power of film and storytelling, an understanding of this global epidemic is now reaching wider audiences and prompting collective action, with an emphasis on ending impunity for perpetrators. Screening this spring at the Council, the new documentary, The Prosecutors follows lawyers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Colombia in their fight for justice against cases of conflict related-sexual violence. How can victims and witnesses come forward during ongoing armed conflict and give testimony? Can we end the use of this insidious tool of war, and how effective are legal frameworks in prosecuting culprits?

Join the Council and a panel of experts, including filmmaker Leslie Thomas for an exclusive discussion and screening of The Prosecutors.

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4:45 p.m. Registration
5:00 p.m. Exclusive screening of The Prosecutors
6:00 p.m.  Discussion
7:00 p.m. Adjournment 


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