Combating Violence and Building Unity

Christiane Hajj, Executive Director, Fundación Centro Histórico; Executive Director, Violence Prevention Program, Carlos Slim Foundation; Robert Muggah, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Cities; Michael A. Nutter, Distinguished Fellow, Global Cities; Abi Williams, President, The Hague Institute for Global Justice. Moderated by Edward Luce.

Combating Violence and Building Unity

Many global cities are plagued by urban violence. How is this affecting their success on the global stage? How can law enforcement and communities collaborate to mitigate the damaging social costs of violence and rebuild trust with one another? How can global cities effectively balance public safety with individual privacy? What innovative approaches to data analysis, community policing, and education are reducing crime and violence?

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The Inclusive City
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Flash Talk: “Global Cities, Global Health”
Todd Hohn, Global Workplace Health and Safety Director, UL
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Combating Violence and Building Unity
Panel and discussion