The Chinese Economy: Road to Reform?

Stephen Chipman, Chief Executive Officer, Grant Thornton LLP; John Frisbie, President, The US-China Business Council; Adolfo Laurenti, Chief International Economist, Mesirow Financial. Moderated by Phil Levy.

The Chinese Economy: Road To Reform? by ChicagoCouncil

Tempered optimism sums up corporate America’s view of its business prospects in China, according to The US-China Business Council’s annual survey. While US business in China continues to post strong growth, US companies invested there face significant challenges like rising costs, market barriers, policy uncertainty, and intellectual property concerns. At the same time, China’s leaders have announced goals to make the market play a bigger role in China’s economyand potentially widen investment access for foreign companies. How and when will these reforms play out? Will they address US companies’ concerns? Join The Chicago Council and an expert panel for an in-depth look into these issues.

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