China's Economy: A New Equilibrium?

Yang Yao, Dean and Professor, National School of Development, Peking University; Dr. Scholl Foundation Visiting Fellow

China's Economy: A New Equilibrium? by The Chicago Council

China’s economy is cooling—its growth rate has declined from more than 10% before 2008 to approximately 7% recently. Some argue that growth rates will continue to decline in the long run, due to factors such as demographic decline or slower urbanization. Yang Yao contends that future growth should hover around current levels, aided by higher productivity, continued investment, and innovation. Has China’s economy reached a “new normal”—characterized by lower but stable growth, punctuated by short term volatility in certain asset markets? Can Beijing maintain its central role in the economy as China becomes an increasingly mature market economy? Join The Chicago Council and Yang Yao, this year’s Dr. Scholl Visiting Fellow on US–China Relations, for an in-depth discussion on China’s current and future economic trends. 

The Dr. Scholl Foundation Lecture on US-China Relations brings to Chicago one high-level American or Chinese policymaker, government official, or thought leader to deliver a major public lecture on key policy issues facing US-China relations.  

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