Building a Financial System for the Future

Robert Shiller, Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economics, Yale University

Over the last few years, the financial sector has experienced its worst crisis since the 1930s. The collapse of major firms, the decline in asset values, the interruption of credit flows, and the loss of confidence in the market were all extraordinary in scale and scope. New regulations—most notably the Dodd-Frank Act and the Basel III rules—endeavor to prevent future financial meltdowns. Simply reining in Wall Street, however, is not sufficient according to Robert Shiller. He believes that with the benefit of recent lessons and improved knowledge of human behavior, a new financial order can be developed in which information technology and financial theory unlock the latent value of our ordinary riches and create growth. Join us for the Second Annual CME Group Lecture on Global Financial Markets with Robert Shiller for a discussion on whether increased regulation and financial innovation can coexist as we build a new globalized financial system.

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The annual CME Group Lecture on Global Financial Markets was established to promote understanding of the role of markets in the aftermath of the financial crisis.