The Bomb and the Missiles: Whither North Korea?

Han Sung Joo, Professor Emeritus, Korea University; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea; 2017 Marshall M. Bouton Asia Fellow

The Bomb and the Missiles: Whither North Korea?

This year has seen North Korea test more than 20 missiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles. North Korean state-run media and American experts now claim that much of the United States is in range for a nuclear strike. The rhetoric between the United States and North Korea has been harsh, yet US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has indicated the US is willing to come to the table for talks with North Korea if the country abandons its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Can North Korea be persuaded to abandon its nuclear weapons program? What is the best path forward to promote peace and stability on the Korean peninsula?

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is honored to host Minister Han Sung-Joo, a top diplomat and thought leader on Northeast Asian security and US-Korea relations, as the 2017 Marshall M. Bouton Asia Fellow. Han will be in Chicago November 1-7.

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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs board of directors established the Marshall M. Bouton Asia Fellowship in recognition of Marshall M. Bouton, who served as president of the Council on Global Affairs from 2001 to 2013. This annual fellowship invites a prominent scholar, former senior policymaker, or public intellectual known for contributions to Asia’s economic and political development and/or international relations to spend one week as a visiting fellow at the Council on Global Affairs.