Bill Clinton and the Turbulent Nineties

Gil Troy, Professor of History, McGill University

Bill Clinton and the Turbulent Nineties by The Chicago Council

Bookended by the falling of the Berlin Wall and the Twin Towers, the 1990s may appear to have been a peaceful and prosperous decade for America. But closer inspection reveals a fraught period for the nation’s politics, according to Gil Troy. Domestically this was an era of rising extremism and violence, including the Oklahoma City bombing and Waco Siege. Further afield, America wrestled with whether to intervene to halt genocides in Africa and the Balkans. Meanwhile, the clash of a liberal president and a resurgent conservative movement fostered an increasingly partisan political climate. At the center of the storm was the Baby Boomer president, Bill Clinton, whose vision, energy, and indiscretions would dominate the decade. What is the political legacy of the turbulent 90s, and how might it impact the prospects for another Clinton presidency?

Gil Troy’s new Book The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s will be available for sale after the program from The Book Cellar.

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