Big Tech: A Disruptor of Democracy?

Julia Cagé, Assistant Professor of Economics, Sciences Po Paris; Dina Srinivasan, Tech Entrepreneur and Former Advertising Executive; Matt Stoller, Fellow, Open Markets Institute. Moderated by Guy Rolnik.

Big Tech: A Disruptor of Democracy?

The tech industry is already under siege by the press, the public, and regulators around the world. It was only in 2018 that big tech companies were implicated not just in data misuse and election interference, but also in spreading disinformation and even hate speech – causing, some to say, a major threat to global democracy. While companies such as Amazon determines how people shop, Google controls how people acquire knowledge, and Facebook regulates how everyone communicates, it is these exact companies that generate undeniable benefits to society by informing consumers, stoking entrepreneurship, and in many ways, prompting transparency. Should then democracies impose stricter regulations and antitrust actions in ways that promote social welfare and open markets - and limit big tech’s vast control and influence? When and how should their power be checked, without the expense of stifling innovation and competition? 

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