Beyond Containment: Shaping China's Rise

Thomas J. Christensen, Professor, Politics and International Affairs; Director of the Princeton-Harvard China & the World Program, Princeton University

Beyond Containment: Shaping China's Rise by The Chicago Council

Many see China’s rise as a threat to US leadership in Asia and beyond, but Thomas Christensen argues against this zero-sum vision. Instead, he describes a new paradigm in which the real challenge lies in dissuading China from regional aggression while encouraging the country to contribute to the global order. By balancing a strong US military presence in East Asia with a diplomatic posture that actively encourages Chinese participation in global and regional governance, US-China relations, he contends, can be channeled toward more mutually-beneficial ends. What risks might future US leaders face in pursuing a more balanced and cooperative strategy towards China? And how might a cooling Chinese economy, Xi Jinping’s reforms, and a new US President alter this calculus?

Professor Christensen’s new book, The China Challenge, will be available for purchase and signing from The Book Cellar after the program.

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