The Bear and the World: Russia in the 21st Century

Vladimir Rukavishnikov, Independent Expert and Consultant

Vladimir Putin could be Russia’s president until 2024. The recent announcement that he will run for the presidency this year has raised some eyebrows, and many more questions. What does this mean for the country’s domestic politics? What are the implications for Russia’s foreign policy? In the domestic sphere, there are questions about the direction of the country’s political system, the economy, and the internal security situation. In the international sphere, the focus will be on the Kremlin’s relationship with the rest of the world. How will Russia interact with its near abroad, especially the former Soviet states? What will be the status of the “reset” with the United States, or the relationship with NATO and the EU, especially given the scheduled placement of missile shield components in Eastern Europe and Turkey? What will Russia do about global issues, such as the economy, terrorism, or climate change? Join Vladimir Rukavishnikov for a discussion on these issues and his views on Russia's domestic and international politics.

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