Axelrod on the 2016 Elections

David Axelrod, Director, Institute of Politics; former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama. In conversation with Natasha Korecki.

Axelrod on the 2016 Elections by The Chicago Council

Although the candidates have been campaigning around the country since last summer, the Iowa caucus in February officially kicks off the race to the general election in November. With a crowded Republican field, the intriguing Clinton-Sanders dynamic on the Democratic side, and hot-button issues such as immigration, security, and terrorism shaping up as its defining themes, the election has already become a whirlwind of surprising political developments. What is the likelihood of a contested GOP convention? Can a Democratic candidate hold together the coalition of minority and women voters that propelled President Obama to the White House? How will the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia impact the presidential election and Republican efforts to retain control of the Senate? 

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