An Australian Perspective: Trade and Security in the Asia-Pacific

His Excellency Kim Beazley, Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Australia to the United States - See more at:

Over the last two decades, Australia has enjoyed an era of remarkable uninterrupted growth, fuelled by significant economic reforms, by the country’s vast natural resources, and its proximity to the booming Asian markets. In the last few years, the Asia-Pacific region has become increasingly important economically and strategically. In November 2011, as Australia and the United States celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty (ANZUS), President Obama outlined the U.S. ‘pivot to Asia’ to the Australian Parliament, noting that the United States will play a “larger and long-term role” to ensure security and economic prosperity in the region. As such, the relevance of the ANZUS alliance will only increase in the future. What are the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of China and the rest of Asia, and how might they be met? How important is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement currently being negotiated, and what are the issues of importance for commercial expansion in the region? Please join The Chicago Council with Ambassador Kim Beazley for an Australian perspective on trade and geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific.

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