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  • Check the Label - Brands as Sustainability Ambassadors
    John Edelman, Managing Director, Global Engagement and Corporate Responsibility, Edelman; James Ossman, Senior Director, Workplace and Strategic Sourcing, Etsy ; Céline Semaan Vernon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Slow Factory and The Library Study Hall

  • Personal Identity, Gender, and Journalism in the Middle East
    Amira Hass, Journalist, Haaretz

  • International Women's Day: Exclusive Member Call
    Melanne Verveer, Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security, Georgetown University

  • Pandemic Panic: Protecting an Interconnected World
    Ron Klain, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Revolution LLC; Anita Patel, Senior Advisor, Pandemic Medical Care and Countermeasures, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Humanitarian Action and Rule of Law - President's Club Gold Dinner
    Alka Pradhan, Human Rights Counsel, Guantanamo Bay Military Commissions; Anne C. Richard, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service; Paul Wise, Richard E. Behrman Professor of Child Health and Society, Stanford University School of Medicine

  • Blurred Lines: Humanitarian Action and Rule of Law
    Alka Pradhan, Human Rights Counsel, Guantanamo Bay Military Commissions; Anne C. Richard, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service; Paul Wise, MD, Richard E. Behrman Professor of Child Health and Society, Stanford University School of Medicine

  • Let’s Talk About Funds: Empowering Women Through Financial Literacy
    Mary Kay Devine, Director of Community Initiatives, Women Employed; Emily Green, Financial Advisor, Ellevest; Lindsey Stanberry, Work & Money Director, Refinery29

  • Ending Gender-Based Violence
    Lina Khalifeh, Founder of SheFighter, Vital Voices Fellow; Samar Minallah Khan, Founder and Director, Ethnomedia; Alyse Nelson, President and CEO, Vital Voices

  • International Women's Day: Tech Trailblazers For Social Good
    Emily Church, Director of Strategy and Impact, XPRIZE; Roya Mahboob, Founder and Executive Director, Digital Citizen Fund

  • Refugees, Migrants, and People on the Move
    Karen AbuZayd, Commissioner, Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva; Kathleen Newland, Senior Fellow and Cofounder, Migration Policy Institute

  • Bending the Arc towards Global Health Equity
    Paul Farmer, MD, Cofounder, Partners In Health; Cori Shepherd Stern, Producer and Writer, Bending the Arc

  • Combatting Human Trafficking
    Dick Durbin, Opening Remarks: United States Senator, Illinois; Marian Hatcher, Senior Project Manager, Human Trafficking Coordinator, Cook County Sheriff’s Office; Rochelle Keyhan , Director of Disruption Strategies, Polaris

  • Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Inclusive Finance
    Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; Founder and Former Managing Director, Grameen Bank

  • Empowerment for Global Good

  • The Global LGBTQ Rights Movement
    Frank Mugisha, Executive Director, Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG)

  • Innovation for Healthy Futures: Global Health Symposium 2017
    Alice Albright, Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnership for Education; Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Muslim Girl; Gabo Arora, Creative Director and Senior Advisor, United Nations; Founder and President, LightShed; Gary Barker, President and CEO, Promundo; Catherine Bertini, Distinguished Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture; And other participants

  • Syria: An Inside View on the Humanitarian Crisis
    Dr. Samer Attar, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Northwestern Medicine and Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago; Becky Carroll, President and CEO, C-Strategies LLC; Dr. M. Zaher Sahloul, MD, Founder, American Relief Coalition for Syria; Senior Advisor, Syrian American Medical Society

  • Election 2016 and the Global Women's Movement
    Mahnaz Afkhami, Founder and President, Women's Learning Partnership; Catherine Bertini, Distinguished Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture; Ellen Chesler, Senior Fellow, Roosevelt Institute

  • Facing Extremism Through Sport in Pakistan
    Maria Toorpakai Wazir, Professional Squash Player

  • Sustainable Development Goals: Where Are We Now?
    Laura Alonso, Secretary of Public Ethics, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, Anti-Corruption Office of Argentina; Alyse Nelson, President and CEO, Vital Voices Global Partnership; Rosana Schaack, Founder and Executive Director, Touching Humanity In Need of Kindness

  • The First 1,000 Days: Shaping the Future
    Tom Arnold, Director General, Institute of International and European Affairs; Roger Thurow, Senior Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture

  • A Healthier System: Investing in Resource Limited Countries
    Dr. Vanessa Kerry, CEO, Seed Global Health

  • Education for All: Eradicating Global Illiteracy
    Christie Vilsack, Senior Advisor for International Education, USAID

  • The Health of the Next Generation
    Jamie C. Amelio, Founder and CEO, Caring for Cambodia; Anna Blue, Deputy Director, Girl Up (UN Foundation); Lori DiPrete Brown, Director, 4W Women and Wellbeing Initiative, UW-Madison; Melissa Gilliam, Founder and director, Ci3 ; Alexis Glick, CEO, GENYOUth Foundation; And other participants

  • Another Word for Beauty
    Meade Palidofsky, Founder and Artistic Director, Storycatchers Theatre; Nischa Pieris, Gender Specialist, Inter-American Commission of Women, Organization of American States; Neli Vazquez-Rowland , President and Co-Founder, A Safe Haven Foundation

  • An Environmental Warrior: The Story of Mama Aleta
    Aleta Baun, Indonesian Conservationist and Activist; Regan Pritzker, Board of Directors, The Libra Foundation; Board of Directors, Global Greengrants Fund

  • Health Care on the Frontlines
    Elikem Tomety Archer, Senior Director, International Partnerships and Programs, AmeriCares; Susan M. Blaustein, Executive Director, WomenStrong International ; Verónica Arroyave, Director, Corporate Responsibility, AbbVie Foundation (moderator)

  • Shaping the World Around Them: Women in the 21st Century
    Kim K. Azzarelli, Chair and Co-Founder, Avon Global Center for Women and Justice; Partner, Seneca Point Global and Co-Founder, Seneca Women; Melanne Verveer , Former US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues; Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security

  • Anne-Marie Slaughter on Women, Men, Work, and Family
    Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO, New America; Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University, Professor Emerita Princeton University

  • Assessing Impact: Helene Gayle on Global Challenges
    Helene Gayle, President and CEO, CARE USA; Katherine Pickus, Divisional Vice President, Global Citizenship & Policy, Abbott Laboratories

  • Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution
    Mona Eltahawy, Journalist

  • Women's Health: Rewriting the Goals
    Priya Agrawal, Executive Director, Merck for Mothers; Susan Davis, President and CEO, BRAC USA; Jason Glaser, CEO, La Isla Foundation ; Douglas Jackson, President and CEO, Project C.U.R.E.; Harley Jones, Regional Chief Operating Officer, American Red Cross; Emerging Leader, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs; And other participants

  • Investing in Women: Understanding the Gender Gap
    Vicki Escarra, Chief Executive Officer, Opportunity International; Laura Ferris Anderson, Managing Director, Chief Of Staff in the Office to Midwest Chairman, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  • New Aid in a New Age: Understanding International Development
    Nicholas Kristof, Author and Columnist, The New York Times; Catherine Bertini, Distinguished Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture

  • Joyce Banda on a New Path for Africa
    Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda, Former President of the Republic of Malawi

  • Women in Washington: Off the Sidelines
    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator (D-NY); Michelle R. Seitz, Partner, and Head of William Blair Investment Management

  • International Women's Day Global Health Symposium 2014
    Marca Bristo, President and CEO, Access Living ; Barbara Bush, CEO and Cofounder, Global Health Corps ; Maya Cohen, Executive Director, Globemed ; Dr. Judith Epstein, MD, CAPT, MC, USN, Clinical Director, Malaria Vaccine Development Program, Naval Medical Research Center; Alexis Ettinger, Director, Social Innovation, Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University; And other participants

  • International Women's Day Global Health Symposium 2013
    Maya Cohen, Executive Director, GlobeMed; Jennifer Gottesfeld, US Program Director, Global Health Corps; Angela Heimburger, Executive Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry & Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health, University of Chicago; Candace Lew, MD, MPH, Senior Technical Advisor for Contraception, Pathfinder International; His Excellency Stephen Lewis, Codirector, AIDS-Free World; And other participants

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