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Rebekah Raleigh

Executive Producer of Visual Media, Rotary International

Headshot for Rebekah Raleigh

Rebekah Raleigh is the executive producer of visual media at Rotary International, where she leads creative and narrative development for video, stills, and interactive graphics. Her team creates content that has been picked up by major international media, such as The Guardian and National Geographic, as well as shared across social channels from the US Olympic Committee to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2017, Raleigh launched a plan to partner with local in-country producers and photographers to provide economic and professional opportunities for media professionals in Rotary coverage areas while simultaneously telling stories that defy western bias. Raleigh maintains an interest in storytelling through emerging technology and is working on a narrative virtual reality piece for a major fundraising campaign. Starting her career as a photojournalist, Raleigh won numerous awards from professional media organizations including the Associated Press, Inland Press, and Illinois Press Photographers. She joined the marketing staff of a sustainable travel company in 2008 and spent the next two years working in Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand where she witnessed the importance of private economic investment in developing nations. Following that, Raleigh transitioned to creative leadership and was later named a “Top New Creative” by CMYK magazine in 2012. Raleigh holds a BA in art history from Wesleyan University, attended graduate school at the Missouri School of Journalism, and studied creative advertising at Northwestern University.