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Is Mexico Neutral in the Russia-Ukraine War?

In the News
Cécile Shea

Why has Mexico failed to stand up to Russia, and what role do vaccines play? Nonresident Senior Fellow Cécile Shea weighs in on Newsy.

Screenshot of Cecile Shea on Newsy.
Defense and Security

Global Public Opinion Shows Fear, Caution as COVID-19 Lockdowns Renew

Running Numbers by Coauthors

The Chicago Council Survey team provides updates on public opinion on the COVID-19 pandemic from the US, Japan, South Korea, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Germany, and Mexico.

A researcher works in a lab at the Duke-NUS Medical School

Mexicans Have Distinctive Views of Trump and of the United States

Running Numbers by Leena Kim

Although US President Donald Trump is quite unpopular in Mexico, Mexican views of the US-Mexico relationship are not as negative as their views of Trump.

US President Donald Trump speaking in Phoenix, Arizona.
Gage Skidmore
Public Opinion

Is Populism Making a Comeback in Latin America?

In the News
Foreign Policy
Robert Muggah

Having rejected its demagogues just a few years ago, the region is now poised to welcome them back.

Students protest in Medellin, Colombia, on Oct. 12 during a protest in the framework of a general strike.
Global Politics