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Michele Lowe

The Debate on US Taiwan Policy

Deep Dish Podcast

Does an increasingly aggressive China mean the United States should maintain its posture of strategic ambiguity or adopt strategic clarity?

Ships in the Taiwan Strait
US Foreign Policy

Ambiguity Doesn't Work. Taiwan Needs Strategic Clarity

In the News
RealClear Defense

"The American people can no longer delay on firm, concise action toward Taiwan," Commander Michele Lowe and Alice Cho explain.

US Navy
Defense and Security

How America and Democracies Around the World Can Defeat Illiberalism

In the News
The National Interest
Michele Lowe

America should view its many threats as a collective advance of illiberalism acting against the post-World War II democratically led, rules-based world order.

Biden campaigning
US Foreign Policy

Food Security, Political Instability, and America on the Hook: the Case of Cameroon

Global Food for Thought by Michele Lowe

The Council's US Navy Federal Executive Fellow, Commander Michele Lowe, explains how food insecurity fears in Cameroon can fuel instability in our latest collaboration with Agri-Pulse.

A fruit stand at Makenene market in Cameroon
Jasmine Halki
Food and Agriculture