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Food Security, Political Instability, and America on the Hook: the Case of Cameroon

Global Food for Thought by Michele Lowe

The Council’s US Navy Federal Executive Fellow, Commander Michele Lowe, explains how food insecurity fears in Cameroon can fuel instability in our latest collaboration with Agri-Pulse.

A fruit stand at Makenene market in Cameroon
Jasmine Halki
Food and Agriculture

Working Together to Improve Small Scale Poultry Production and Tackle Food Insecurity in Tanzania and Ghana

Global Food for Thought by Multiple Authors

This blog is about developing a genetic platform for selective breeding of African indigenous chickens to improve small scale poultry production, tackling tackle food insecurity in Tanzania and Ghana.

Team members at Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Genomics to Improve Poultry
UC Davis
Food and Agriculture

African Voices

Global Food for Thought by Roger Thurow

Council expert Roger Thurow explains how most African countries don’t have the resources to provide aid to their own citizens.

Dr. Agnes Kalibata, President, AGRA addresses the media ahead of the opening of the AGRF conference, 2019.
Food and Agriculture

Converging Flu Season and Pandemic Concerns Northern Publics

Running Numbers by Multiple Authors

Public opinion polls in North America, Europe, and Asia find publics continue to worry about contracting the virus.

Doctors in PPE while at a COVID-19 testing site, holding clipboards

Five Deep Dish Episodes to Explain the World Right Now

Global Insight by Brian Hanson

Deep Dish host Brian Hanson shares five recent episodes that help explain what’s happening in our world today and why these issues are so important.

Blurred motion of a street in New York City at night
Davide Cantelli
US Foreign Policy

COVID-19 Is Putting Africa’s Food Processors at Risk

Global Food for Thought by Brent Wibberley

Across Africa, food processors serve a vital function in protecting food security and livelihoods. But the COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges that threaten the very survival of these companies.

ProSoya Demonstration Centre in Canada
Food and Agriculture

Who Stands to Gain from the Abraham Accords?

Running Numbers by Charlie Rahr

Israelis and Palestinians sharply disagree over the benefits of Israel's agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

The first direct El-Al flight to the United Arab Emirates departs Ben Gurion Airport, August 31, 2020.
Matt Stern
Public Opinion

Americans’ Views on Key Debate Issues: COVID-19, Race, Election Interference, Economy

Running Numbers by Dina Smeltz

Dina Smeltz shares public opinion on the key topics that will be discussed at the first 2020 presidential debate.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden during a 2020 Presidential Debate

SAWBO RAPID Addresses Economic Impacts of COVID-19

Global Food for Thought by Justin Whitmore

Nearly a decade ago, SAWBO was launched by and remains co-directed by Drs. Julia Bello-Bravo and Barry Pittendrigh, both currently faculty members at Michigan State University (MSU).

Still shot from a SAWBO video about bean production

Breeding Crops for Climate Resilience: Visions from Haiti, Costa Rica, Uganda, Malawi, and Senegal

Global Food for Thought by Hale Tufan

This blog is about the disruption and impact COVID-19 has had on climate change and food systems around the world.

NARC lab testing germ plasm samples
US Embassy
Food and Agriculture