August 15, 2017 | By Dina Smeltz, Karen Whisler

While More Americans Than Ever Believe in International Trade, NAFTA Gets Mixed Reviews

In President Donald Trump’s mind, the United States has long been getting a “bad deal” when it comes to international trade. This month, as he works to renegotiate NAFTA, new results from the 2017 Chicago Council Survey show that a majority of Americans (53%) still see this deal as beneficial for the United States. While Democrats have become increasingly positive towards NAFTA, Republican views have sunk to new lows, resulting in a dramatic partisan gap. While some are critical of trade deals, a record numbers of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike (including core Trump supporters)  say that international trade is good for the US economy (72%), consumers like them (78%), and creating jobs in the US (57%). 

Read the full survey brief here.


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