May 28, 2020 | By Khalid Bomba

Wait Just a Minute with Agriculture Expert Khalid Bomba

Khalid Bomba, agriculture expert, takes a minute to discuss the importance of agriculture to the economy of Ethiopia and the need to get young people more actively involved.

Wait Just a Minute with Agriculture Expert Khalid Bomba

Why is Ethiopia One of the World’s Fastest Growing Economies? 

Because of the level and types of investments that have been made both by the public sector as well as an emerging private sector, from the public sector side, the investments have been in enabling environment. Be they investments in roads or power, and then when it comes to the private sector, it is an emerging sector in Ethiopia and one that should fuel the growth of the country in the future . 

How Important is Agriculture to Ethiopia’s Economy? 

Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopia’s economy. It accounts for about 35% of GDP, but more importantly, it accounts for about 80% of the population’s job creation opportunities.

Why Should Young People Be Involved in Agriculture? 

With young people comes innovation, comes renewed energy and renewed enthusiasm for modernizing the agricultural system. 

Who Do You Most Admire? 

I admire the farmers, the smallholder farmers in Ethiopia are the people that motivate me because I see how hard they work, I see how much they try to not only feed their families but either country. Ttheir hard work is what motivates me to do my job even more efficiently.


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