September 22, 2016

One More Question with London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan joined a Council audience on September 15 to discuss the breakdown of social integration. After the event, we asked him: "If you could challenge the traditional thinking on one global issue, what would it be?" See his response.


"One global issue I think that needs to be challenged and addressed—particularly by global cities—is issues around air quality, air pollution, and climate change. I think the reality is most people live in cities. It's mayors around the world that have got to grapple with the issue of pollution and climate change. So in London for example—almost 10,000 Londoners died last year because of poor quality air—air pollution. There are children in parts of London whose lungs are underdeveloped. I've got a responsibility to try and fix the air in London. Whether that's taking off the streets, the most polluting vehicles. Making clean vehicles. Having an incentive and a carrot to, you know, use electric cars. Making sure that public transport and buses are powered by electric, hydrogen, or hybrid. It's a problem that needs to be grappled with. We've got a choice. We can be the last generation that doesn't get it—or the first generation that gets it. I want to be the first generation that gets it. "




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