March 1, 2017 | By Saeid Golkar

How Iran Views President Trump's Election

We asked Saeid Golkar, Iran expert at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, how Iran reacted to the election of President Donald Trump.


"Before the US presidential election, the Iranian political elite perceived that because Trump is a businessman it is a possibility to, you know, negotiate with the Trump administration. But day by day when Trump attacked the Iran deal and then attacked the Islamic Republic, the Iranian political elite right now are solidified that Trump is, and the Trump administration is, a danger for the Islamic Republic. From the other side, the Iranian people, who are the most pro-American people in the Middle East, unfortunately start becoming, you know, more cautious about the Trump administration after his order on the Muslim ban to stop, you know, Iranians to enter to the US. So Trump actually solidified all of the Iranian political group and the people behind this idea that the US is the enemy of Iran and we have to somehow resist against Trump and stop Trump from attacking Iran. "


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