October 6, 2016

Election 2016: What Global Issue Might Affect Your Vote This Fall?

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is engaging the public and thought leaders in dialogue critical to the 2016 elections. In part one of our “Election 2016: America in the World” video series, find out what global issues are top of mind for the public with one month left to go.


Kevin M.

"Probably the Trans-Pacific trade agreement. I've heard that there is...I've heard it's going to cause a lot of issues as far as jobs leaving the country."

Joanne K.

"The management of immigration, moving populations. Minority diasporas, coming not only from the Middle East, but from Latin America. And also, you know, some of the situations that are currently occurring in Europe, because we have a bit of power shift that is occurring."

Hank F.

"I think it's probably going to be economical. Primarily since I'm a recent graduate, I'm looking for work."

Glen G.

"Energy policy. [Why is that?] Because I think we have the opportunity here in the states to be self-sustaining on energy. And I think it's really important."

Saffa K.

"As a Muslim, obviously I'm impacted by decisions based on that. The current, refugee—atmosphere about the refugee crisis is definitely something that I care about."

Eric M.

"The biggest issue that I have globally—globalization—is that we are not educating our population to compete globally."

Lindell R.

"Well my profession is architecture, and so right now, we have this shift toward being more globally aware. And with the constant change in climate and everything...we have to impact the world by changing how we approach building design, and everything."

Tami M.

"I guess, I don't want the next president to be an isolationist. I want them to realize we're part of the global community. We're a leader."

Saleem S.

"The largest issue, that is, I think, facing us, and certainly front and foremost in my mind—is the large, global military footprint that we have today. Which is expressing itself not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also, in a growing way in Syria, and the wider lands spreading west of Iraq."

Rosanne D.

"Well I think global warming is very, very serious. And I think that international relationships need to be carefully worked on."

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