July 13, 2017 | By Cécile Shea, Craig Kafura

Deep Dish: Head-to-Head of State

The G20 has concluded, presidents Trump and Putin finally met in person, and America’s allies are growing closer as the United States pulls away from the herd. This week on Deep Dish, Council fellows Phil Levy, Cécile Shea, and research associate Craig Kafura convene to discuss the G20’s present and future, as well as the united front US trading partners are taking against Trump’s proposed steel tariff. 

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| By Xuefei Ren

‘The People’s War’ on Coronavirus in China

It is too early to conclude that the epidemic will shake the Communist Party’s grip. Once the “people’s war” has defeated the epidemic, the authoritarian regime may turn out to have become even more powerful. But this crisis has made a few things clear. It illustrates how cities are increasingly important actors in addressing pressing global challenges. It also exemplifies how central-local government relations can shape a country’s response to major epidemic outbreaks.