May 30, 2018

#AskIvo: How Can Europe Show the Trump Administration It Needs Allies?

Council President Ivo Daalder (@IvoHDaalder), former US ambassador to NATO, answers your questions on pressing global affairs and foreign policy issues in our new video series #AskIvo. This week, Mike Merwin (@StMike666) asked, “After Europe has been caught back footed on Paris Accord, Iran, and metal sanctions when do they initiate a countermove to show the US it needs allies in Europe? What is the move?" Submit your question for the next episode to @IvoHDaalder on Twitter using #AskIvo.

#AskIvo: How Can Europe Show the Trump Administration It Needs Allies?


Hi, I'm Ivo Daalder, the president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs This is Ask Ivo, a new series where you get to ask me any question on global issues that is of concern to you. Today, Mike Merwin asks, "When does Europe initiate a countermove to show the United States it needs allies in Europe, and what would that move be?

Mike, that's an excellent question. I should point out, on issues like Iran, climate change, and trade, the United States has made decisions in the past few months that were against the interest of the Europeans, and against the advice of the Europeans. And now the question comes, if Washington is no longer listening to the allies, what are the allies going to do in return? Well, we'll see already some of that in the issues like trade, where the Europeans are negotiating trading agreements with Canada, with Mexico, with Japan, but not with the United States.

We're also beginning to see a closer relationship between some European countries and Russia and and even some European countries and China–a sense that if the United States is not going to be for them, maybe Russia or China is going to be there. And then finally, you are seeing more willingness of the Europeans to cooperate on defense outside of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, within the European Union. Now these are baby steps; they're easily reversible and clearly no one in Europe wants to break the transatlantic alliance if they don't have to, but they are starting to ask the question: Has the time come to think about what we should do for ourselves rather than wondering what Washington is going to do for them?

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